SBN Provides Free Eye Camp for Villagers

Recently, district collector (chief administrative) K. Devanand requested the assistance of those who are financially secure to the local villages of Tangutur. In response to this request, Rao Bezwada cooperated with the Blind Eradication Board to organize a Free “Eye Camp” in Jammulapalem. The medical camp was designed to provide important eye care services to the poor.307 Patients were examined by the doctors and provided free medicines if needed. Among them, 97 patients were sent to Bollineni Eye Hospital in Nellore for eye operations. Medical staff conducted medical tests to the patients under the supervision of eye specialist Dr. Kiran Kumar.

K. Devanand lauded the couple Smt. & Sri Bezwada Srinivasa Rao (Rao and his Wife) for conducting service programs to the people, as well as for their dedication to village development. In the district, many medical camps are being conducted by non-governmental organizations investing crores of rupees (hundreds of thousands of US dollars).

this occasion, a meeting was conducted and Sri Ravuri Ayyavaraiah, Z.P.T.C Member presided over the meeting. Smt. Katam Arunamma, Z.P. Chairperson speaking on this occasion wanted NRIs that they should conduct service programs in the western regions of the district.

Sri Bellam Kotaiah, I.T.A. President speaking on this occasion, NRIs should co-operate to form ideal villages.

M.P.P. Smt. Bezwada Singamma, Vice M.P.P. Sri Pothula Narasimha Rao, Sri K. Sri Rama Murthy, Director-Assist India, Sri Pamidi Veera Raghava Rao, President, Rotary Club of Ramnagar, Andhra Bank Manager Sri Bheemesh Nanda and some others are participated.