SBN Praised for Rural Development and Medical Camps in Jammulapalem

Kondapi Legislative Assembly Member (MLA) Sri Pothula Rama Rao recently commended the social service activities organized by Non-Resident Indian Dr. Rao Bezwada, who hails from the village of Jammulapalem.

Through his organization “Society for Basic Needs”, Dr. Bezwada has provided welfare programs and led the development of rural areas in the area. Specifically, the Society for Basic Needs recently cooperated with the Legislative Assembly to provide a free medical camp for women.

MLA Rama Rao also recognized Dr. Bezwada’s leadership and funding efforts in providing cement roads, drinking water wells, scholarships to students and many other social service activities.

Prominent industrialist Bellam Kotaiah directed the villagers to utilize the services of Bezwada unitedly without segregation. He pledged to make an effort to eliminate the political and group differences among the villagers.

Dr. Rao Bezwada gave a speech at the event, remarking that the “Society for Basic Needs” was founded only to look after the needs of his native village of Jammulapalem. He stated that all the developmental and social service activities have been funded by his own resources till now. He also informed the audience that the Society’s efforts would soon be scaled up by collecting funds from other organizations.

Dr. Bezwada promised continue his efforts in providing good education, health, drinking water and road facilities to the village. He stressed the vital role of a woman in a family, and mentioned that the upcoming health camp would be aimed toward poorer women. His wife Koteswaramma Bezwada stated that many more such camps would be opened for women in coming weeks.

Local doctor Kancharla Venkateswarlu came forward to extend his services for the programs organized by Dr. Bezwada. Tangutur Mandal Parishad Vice President Ravuri Ayyavaraiah praised the services of Dr. Bezwada. Tangutur Mandal president Addanki Kotaiah, MPDO Venkateswara Rao, Village leaders Sudanagunta Srihari Rao and others participated in the program.

Extraordinary Response to Free Medical Camp

The response to the free medical camp organized by Dr. Rao Bezwada at Jammulapalem was extraordinary. A team of Gynecologists from Guntur examined nearly 300 women. Doctors Parimala Devi, Amrutha, Sajneil and Srinivas examined the patients. Johnson & Johnson representatives extended their support in the camp.