Development lies in Social awareness

*Translated from the Andhra Jyothy Telugu Newspaper*
Collector says that village development is possible if the high positioned persons have social awareness. He inaugurated the Free Eye camp on Monday morning is arranged by NRI couple Sri Bezwada Sreenivasa Rao and Smt. Koteswaramma of Jammulapalem. On this occasion Sri Ravuri Ayyavaraiah, Z.P.T.C. member presided over the meeting. Collector added that no one can come to a high position without utilizing facilities and every one should realise this fact. For the sake of village development, Elders should take care on them and people of the village must have united. But there is no unity in the villages, even in farmers, they are divided into groups on political issues and Government is conducting Medical Camps by N.G.Os investing crores of rupees he expressed his agony.

He praised the couple of Srinivasa Rao that they are doing services for the development of their village, Jammulapalem. Next Smt. Katam Arunamma, Z.P. Chairperson praised the couple of Bezwada Srinivasa Rao and their services towards the development of the village Jammulapalem. She advised the donors of western regions to come forward to conduct the medical camps in the region.

Sri Bellam Kotaiah, President, ITA, says that all the villagers should play an active role for the development of the village.

Sri Bezwada Srinivasa Rao says his opinion in a single sentence that the comfort of people brings him joy.

Sri Pamidi Veera Raghavaiah, President, Rotary Club of Ram Nagar, Sri S.V. Subbaiah, Village elder also spoke.

M.P.P. Smt. Bezwada Singamma, Vice M.P.P. Sri Pothula Narasimha Rao, Sri K. Sree Rama Murthy, Assist India, Sri Bhimesh Nanda, Andhra Bank Manager, Dr. K. Venkateswarlu, Dr. D.V. Krishna Rao, Dr. Mala Konda Reddy, Dr. Kiran Kumar, Bollineni Hospital, Sri T. Narasimha Rao and Sri S. Sri Hari Rao, Vice-Sarpanch were participated in the camp.

300 People Examined

The eye camp (Free) was conducted and 300 people were examined that was sponsered by NRI couple Sri Bezwada Srinivasa Rao of Jammulapalem. Free medicines are distributed to the patients by Rotary club of Ramnagar. The doctors found that 25 people need to undergo eye operations and they will be sent to Bollineni Super Speciality Hospital, they added.