Many of the poorest of the poor people are caught up in a cycle of poverty and ill health. The cost of health care, lack of access to the essential drugs and safety nets mean that ill health can push households into, or further into, poverty.

Health Camps

_5624119The Society’s services in a village begin with conducting free health camps involving a group of qualified Doctors and ANMs. A number of such free disease specific health camps like Eye camps, Gynecological camps and orthopedic camps were conducted and essential drugs, eyeglasses, etc., were distributed free of cost.

Rao organized an “Eye Camp” on September 26, 2003 in his village. this turned out to be an overwhelming success. A total of 410 people were evaluated with a free eye examination. An eye doctor had never previously examined most of them in their lifetimes. Fifty-four people underwent cataract surgeries and 92 people received prescription eyeglasses at no cost.

On February 19, 2005, Rao organized a “health camp for women ” with financial support from Johnson & Johnson India.Over 280 women were examined and free prescription medicines were provided for all the patients.

Hypertension & Diabetes Detection and Management

Both Hypertension and Diabetes are the cause of many cardiovascular diseases among the rural population. Hypertension is asymptomatic in its nature. So, most of the patients affected by it are unaware. It is, in a way, a ‘silent disease’. The possibility of being afflicted with this condition is further increased because there is no proper attention paid to it in community care. The prevalence of diabetes among the Indian population across the age groups is at shocking rate.

Hence, the organization has taken up measures to diagnose and treat this condition. Through the identified local Para – medical workers, a series of screening campaigns were conducted and free medicines were distributed.

Free Medical Aid

_9618829Under this program, a well equipped hospital with a qualified doctor has been identified from where the poorest of the poor people of the target villages can get the free treatment for their general ailments. The society will pay back the actual costs incurred by the Hospital. Apart from free medical aid, continuous referral services are being provided for the high risk groups identified during the health camps.

Finally, Rao would like to develop a free health clinic in Jammulapalem. As there is currently no hospital or health clinic there presently. Most of the villagers never see a physician unless or until there is a serious health problem. The main objective for this clinic would be to establish a pattern of preventive medicine and provide essential health care to both children and patients over the age of 50.